It just happened (2004)

Text von M. Dickow
Musik von M. Gremmer / Broken Dream

I called you up the day before
you weren't home, so I just let you
a word on the answering machine

The next day I rang your bell
I did it twice, I guess I failed
to meet you anyhow

So I've been waiting
I keep on waiting,
waiting for your love

This time I feel it could happen
just happen to you and me
I've got no words to tell you
it's just happened to you and me

One year before, an august night
we did a concert with the band
I use to play in

Your face showed up within the crowd
I saw your smile, I guess I knew
what would happen soon

So I've been waiting...

So weeks passed by as time can fly
I met you more than just one
warm summer night

I called you up, a sunny day
I did it twice and in the end
it worked out very well

So I've been waiting...

ę┤ 2004 Broken Dream